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If i dream about a man,i've become a woman,very strange becoming a man. Hahaha,mypeople doesn't know that i'm a lesbian,i hope you can give me an advice? It feels like i've been reborn in a wrong gender but i doesn't matter,i've been born as a lesbian girl,i guess Hey I'm 13 years old and I think I'm bi curious, I have a huge interest in boys and I'm totally straight, and I don't have any crushes on girls.

But I do sometimes think about making out with a girl and touching her đź’—, but my family is Christian. I know I'm totally straight most of the time, but just sometimes I think about other than that. This summer i finally expressed my feelings to a friend of mine which is a girl and she is 2-or maybe-3 years younger than is straight thats for is very very very mature for her have had a couple of relationships with boys(just kissing). She hasnt refused my feelings doesnt tell me whether she would do something with me or not..i say to her "you would never go with me right?

It took us a year to admit to each other his we really feel.

She lives very far away so during the holidays we r separated for a month.

I just needed to get that out and if anyone wants to talk on here just let me know my name will be confused14 every time.

I go to a catholic school so if I do come out it would not be easy.

Also I would loose my friends I know it cause they wouldn't accept me.

For one thing, I've had dreams about girls and somehow end up dating them.

I'm not sure whether or not to tell my parents, 'cause I've seen kids trying to tell their parents and it ended up in them being disowned. I've recently been crushing on this girl in my orchestra class and I think she knows.

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