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On the front of the air reservoir of my Mark I is stamped "646." I have no idea what this means.I have always assumed in was the batch number of the part.Left click on 'Copy' and then just 'left click' and 'paste' it in the text box where you write your reply here. Emri, You might try posting your question on the 1911 forum.Many members there have a great deal of knowledge about other various handguns.and likely shoot my butt off, if it's like anything else she learns! Sorry Mike, I was assuming that you had one of the straight grip Mark I pistols made prior to 1935. Peter I have a Webley senior in .177, great fun for plinking up to 10m with the weight of a real handgun. The Mk1 and the Senior were in production at the same time.

I like the Webley, I have a MK11 (Antique but a good shooter), carried in WW1 by my Grandfather.Just do an internet search on the Webley MKIV, information should pop up.Got parts for it like screws and such from Numrich.uid=0&fid=135&t=v&kw=Canada', function (res) );" style="font-weight: Normal;font-style: Normal;text-decoration: None;text-transform: None;font-size:100%;color:#000000;font-family:;", I just bought one 0 for it and 100 brass..38 S&W not available in Vancouver but was able to order from Wholesale Sports.

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