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But based on my sample, it’s safe to say that de Leon’s probably the most amazing solve ever, from a statistical perspective.When you consider that “New Baby Buggy” is a phrase few people have ever heard, let alone would offer up as a guess were they in Emil’s shoes, the guess is even more remarkable.The interactive quiz was a fun feature but without letting us see the category and the guessed letters before the timer starts (which actual contestants would already know), it's all but impossible to solve the puzzles. -Fez Curious to see if you have the solving skills to crack a puzzle like Emil’s?The quiz above includes puzzles from the 15 bonus rounds, out of over 2,000 in my sample, in which the fewest number of letters were revealed but the contestant still managed to guess the correct answer.In honor of his achievement, Slate presents a quiz consisting of the 15 greatest solves in the history of Wheel of Fortune. Press Enter to Begin Bonus Puzzle Compendium and this puzzle archive, neither of which is complete.But, combined, the two sites have recorded almost 13,000 puzzles from the game show’s opening rounds and over 2,000 bonus-round puzzles going back (intermittently) to 1988.Or as puts it: “Make wealthy dating and social networking more efficient for those [who] share a passion for the supercar lifestyle.” The club, which was launched officially last week (it’s been invitation only up to now), is open to anyone who owns a supercar, as well as anyone interested in the sort of person who owns a supercar.And, apparently, we shouldn’t leap to sexist conclusions, because 20% of the supercar owner-members are women, says founder Sangeeth Segaram, 34, who drives a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 roadster.

In reality, however, contestants rarely guess HGBO—and sometimes they guess strange combinations of unlikely letters, like PKWI or ZJWI.For example, contestants who have revealed 75 percent of a puzzle’s letters when the final countdown starts (players have 10 seconds to solve the bonus round puzzle, with unlimited guesses) go on to guess the correct answer 83 percent of the time.Even a mediocre When Emil was presented with “NE_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _” roughly 17 percent of all the letters in the phrase were visible.This should be great news for contestants, as RSTLNE represent approximately 45 percent of all letters in a standard English text.However, of the more than 22,000 letters in the For obvious reasons, the show’s producers seem to be choosing words and phrases that are light on RSTLNE, at least in the bonus round.

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